Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Purpose For BUFunkED

The purpose for this blog is to reflect and discuss topics and opinions presented in my Internet for Educators course at Brandon University. I am really looking forward to this class because it incorporates technology into teaching. There have been many new technologies and internet tools that I have incorporating into my previous student teaching experiences. Two big benefits have come from it, teaching efficiency and effectiveness.

First of all, technology has made my job as a teacher more efficient. For example, Dropbox has eliminated the need for me to carry around a flash stick and remember to save multiple copies of the same document in numerous places. Dropbox makes sure I have access to the most recent version of any document or presentation when and where I need it.

Technology also makes me a more effective teacher because it engages students. Today's students are more technology savvy than ever. Therefore, it becomes my job as a teacher to stay a couple steps ahead of my students in the technology world and teach the content in a way that students understand. Viewed this way, using old technology to teach the same content (such as overhead projectors) becomes a distraction to the delivery of material and students may view the teacher like he or she is 'speaking a foreign language'.

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nathancorrigal said...

i agree with you about the whole technology and teaching brings efficiency and effectivieness. You made a good point about drop box and how you can access your documents anywhere anytime as long as theres intenernet, and now a days where cant you find internet.

I really like the touch on how technology engages students, we all want to keep the students interested in what were talking about. You know as a teacher it keeps us engaged on our "toes" as well, its a good way to keep up to date and learn along with your students :)