Thursday, February 3, 2011

Animoto - A Florida Christmas

Here is a video I created using Animoto of a family trip to Florida over Christmas this past year. This tool could be great for students in the classroom. Have a look.

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Anonymous said...

Nice video Shaun. I quite enjoy the Starbucks sitting in the sang. Perfect ;) I wonder how much bandwidth this video takes up and how it could potentially be affected by this whole CRTC fiasco.

Alanna said...

Thats an interesting thought Tiff...would the use of resources like animoto need to be limited if CRTC goes through with the plan of bill internet based on amount used? And how would that affect us as teachers-would we be able to incorporate as much technology and internet use as we would like to in the classroom? Thankfully there is going to be a review of the decision...

p.s. I like the animoto video Shaun!